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Our history

Our history

The Camp Mère Clarac was founded in 1857 by Mother Anselme Marie. She was the superior general of the Communauté des Sœurs de Charité de Ste-Marie. She was the driving force behind this project.


Still under the direction of the community, the camp benefits from the presence of the nuns.

Since 2004, Sister Marie-Hélène has ensured the general management of the camp.

Mother Anselme had been thinking for some time about funding a summer camp for children who have to spend summer in the city. The opportunity came in 1956 upon the acquisition of a beautiful wooded lot on the bank of Ouareau River. In the summer of 1957, the camp welcomed its first campers!

This 115-acre lot was developed over the years. Initially, the camp welcomed 25 to 75 campers per week. It offered activities such as swimming, canoeing, tennis, pony or cart rides, excursions, and campfires, creating a sense of fraternity and friendship.   

As early as 1964, the camp was welcoming 180 campers per week. Yet to ensure that all campers enjoyed their stay to the fullest, it was necessary to restructure the program. Therefore, activities under the supervision of qualified specialists were added to the program, namely horse riding, archery, athletics, sailing, climbing and karate.


Over the years, the development of the camp continued with the construction of various facilities, including the chapel, the cafeteria, dormitory-cabins, an infirmary, and a fully equipped theatre hall.

In addition to the above, several sports facilities were added, namely an archery field, a hebertism trail, a minifarm, two horse riding rings and one stable where fifteen horses are kept. In 1994, the construction of the welcoming pavillion named Pavillion d’accueil Mère-Anselme was completed. 

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