My life on Camp Mère Clarac was wonderful and magical. I don't think I have ever appreciated every day of my life as much as I did at this camp, and I guess it's something I have learned by being here, and hopefully something I will bring home with me.  I will remind myself every day that life is a gift that allows us to make the most wonderful thing in this world which is travelling and meeting people from such unforgettable places. Never hesitate to go!


Frida Aldama Magallan




Hi! My name is Catherine. I'm 20 years old and I have been a counsellor at Camp Mère Clarac for 3 years now. I worked in many different cabins as a counsellor.  For me, camp is like a second family...sisters, counsellors and every member of the camp are now friends, people I respect and cherish.  My first summer was dedicated to the Étincelle cabin, girls between 9 and 10 years old.  I keep an indelible memory of that first summer and the very good friends I made. The following summers were just as wonderful.  The activities that are proposed are very rewarding for all groups. Kids learn to make friends and use their imagination.  Being a counsellor means being resourceful, loving working with kids and developing team spirit.  The relationship between the counsellor and the person responsible for the cabin is always simple yet rewarding.  She is always there to listen to you and to give you advice.  For me, the camp means a place to learn, learn from your peers and from the kids but also where you learn to love, to forgive and to work hard.


Catherine Jourdonnais (Ziploc)





My summer as a counsellor at Camp Mère Clarac was one of the best experiences of my life.  Besides its beautiful location, the camp is staffed with wonderful sisters who dedicate themselves soulfully to the campers' well-bing.  The campers come from Canada, the United States, South America and Europe. It was a joy to work with such kind people in such a friendly, international environment!


Grace Hayner (Pippin)

Le camp d'été débute le 28 juin 2020

Camp Mère Clarac

959 rue Principale

Saint-Donat, Qc

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