In the section 'Outdoor Activities', here are the activities offered:


Horse riding:  Thanks to Camp Mère Clarac, passion for horses can surpass dreams and become reality. Our camp is accredited by the Equestrian Federation of Quebec and certified Equi-Quality, which ranks our camp amongst the best facilities. Each camper has the chance to choose the number of lessons he/she wishes to participate in. Everyone can live a magical stay with other horse lovers.


The supervision of our campers is insured by a responsible team who is qualified in classic horseback riding training (English saddle). Each member wishes to share her Joie de vivre and her passion for horses.

Camp Mère Clarac offers practical horseback riding lessons and teaches a solid equestrian technique. Our goal consists of putting each child at ease with the horse and/or to develop a passion in a safe, secure and fun environment.  Each camper will learn according to his/her level such things as proper positions at flat work (walk, trot, canter), the care and maintenance of horses and equipment. Furthermore, he/she will be able to prepare him/herself in order to pass the «Cavalier»/ «Rider» level as stipulated by the Equestrian Federation of Quebec.


All beginners start their training by means of a lunge line in order to establish safety for the student and well-being for the horse.  Following this initial contact, the rider will be able to join a group of a maximum four students per level.  He/she will therefore be able to solidify his/her training according to the number of courses he/she is registered in.

Camp Mère Clarac also offers pony rides for the youngest campers as well as horse rides for the older ones. Wagon rides are available to all.


Wagon Rides: We are very fortunate to have 115 acres of land. Therefore, wagon rides are given ‘’in our yard’’. We have a trail of about 1 km, in the woods. 


Miniature Farm: Several animals are part of Ti-Fon’s farm.  Among others, we have chicks, rabbits, guinea pigs, kittens, pigeons, doves, piglets, sheep, goats, chickens and peacocks. 


Climbing: A well-constructed mountain, Mont Clarac, is put at the disposal of campers who wish to take on personal challenges. Our climbing walls offer various levels of difficulty. 


The specialized counsellors in charge of this activity are recognized by the Fédération Québécoise de la Montagne et de l’Escalade (FQME) 


Tennis: A real tennis court gives campers not only the chance to learn but one to excel in this sport that requires skills, good reflexes and agility.

Woodland Obstacle Course: Our trail is the envy of many summer camps for its spacious layout and beauty.  The twenty-six different apparatuses are located right in the middle of nature. 


Archery: To insure maximum safety, two different sites defined by age and each one isolated from other activities, give campers opportunities to enjoy this sport which involves focus and coordination.


Track and Field Activities: A huge field is allocated for campers to develop and expand their skills in various areas of the world of athletics.  They can experience such activities as high jumps, long jumps, different types of races, alone or in relays, as well as throwing practices. All these endeavours may be conducted simultaneously. 


Arts and Crafts: For the younger campers, a period each week is devoted to crafts that relate to the weekly theme.  The works of art are brought home in order for parents to celebrate their child’s talents.


Handicrafts: For older campers, everything is prepared so that participants can develop their creativity and artistic aptitudes. The artworks can be viewed by all as the various projects are exposed in the room during the stay of the child before being brought home.


Team-Building Games: Our highly trained counsellors are responsible for preparing and animating a wide variety of games, both outside and inside if the weather is inclement.  Each of our facilities is equipped with a large playroom 


Ecology: A small shack is at the core of nature and finds itself dedicated to fascinating discoveries made by our campers. Whether it’s an ant farm, the search for a specific insect or survival skills introduction, the opportunities for sharing nature’s treasures are countless. 


Mini Putt: We have a real 18-hole course on location. Like each one of our facilities, our installations for this activity have been built in the middle of nature and are separated from all other events.


Large Scale Games: These games are sure to instill fond memories as they are organized by our counsellors who have the campers’ best interests, happiness and well-being at heart.


Excursions: At Camp Mère Clarac, every Wednesday is special as it is our excursion day. Our property of 115 acres allows us to stay on our site and to fully enjoy its spacious commodities. Large scale games combined with a more intense effort on our weekly theme are the basic elements to enjoy wonderful moments. Such a day calls for an outdoor lunch which adds to the fun.  BBQs , a lunch cooked on an open fire or any other type of lunch may occur  right on the premises.


Animated Evenings: Our welcoming night introduces the theme of the week. Of course, such an evening just would not be the same without the presence of our mascot Ti-Fon as well as ‘’Le Grand SMAT (Smiling, Motivated, Active and Tenacious), mysterious character whose role is to encourage campers to surpass themselves.  On Wednesdays, each group presents a show in line with the weekly theme. Finally, on Fridays, it’s the farewells with the distribution of flags and certificates.

Camp Fires: What would camp life be without the traditional camp fire? It’s a must! Songs, Joie de vivre and of course, the much awaited grilling of marshmallows! 



Water Fun

Camp Mère Clarac offers campers opportunities to strive and to develop their ability in water-related activities.  Each individual using a water flotation device must wear a life jacket fitted to his/her size and securely attached. The following are some of our activities:


Swimming: Each day, the campers go to the beach to fully enjoy our water-front facilities. They can swim, build sandcastles, play beach volleyball or simply enjoy time spent with friends. 


Row Boat: Our boat is very stable which makes it safe. Between 3 and 7 children can climb aboard. 


Pedal Boat: Our pedal boat is one of our most popular activities. It allows campers to relax on the water and to fully enjoy summer time. 


Canoeing: Camp Mère Clarac had an artificial lake built on site, in order to ensure the safety of our campers. This lake, Lac Anselme, allows the practice of this sport in peace and tranquility. Many water games can also take place, giving campers the chance to develop new skills according to their ages. 

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